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Crown Commodities and Trading USA's mission is to help investors in agricultural commodities open new markets for their companies on an international scale. We effectively assist with the licensing process for customers to enter countries, as well as gain access to distribution networks. This allows for products to make their introduction into those markets less cumbersome. To learn more about our company, click below.





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All of the products we provide are 100% made in the USA. The USDA has strict guide lines and laws to keep our food safe. Learn more about some of the laws and regualtions that have been passed to keep our food safe by clicking the link below.  

Health is Wealth

All crown commodities USA products are USDA certified

Crown Commodities takes pride in exporting products that are healthy and meet the strict standards and guidelines implemented by the USDA. Find out more about the products we offer by clicking the button below.

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We live in a world where the opportunities for a business to grow are limitless! At Crown Commodities we'll provide the guidance to help you expand your business to other countries. We will make sure your products safely reach their final destination port. To learn more about our shipping and payment options, click the button below.